cleverly disguised as a responsible adult (electricsoup) wrote in esmunews,
cleverly disguised as a responsible adult

Electricsoup 2.0!

Electricsoup has been remodeled for your viewing pleasure! :)

Your source for Mu*news, articles and reviews is now on it's new platform, and is available today!

All the content from the old site is still accessible under familiar navigation, and the old forums will be available in the next few weeks, after they are converted to an easy to view format. Feel free to stop by, settle in, refresh your memory with our old, excellent content, and start submitting new editorials, articles, links and reviews - which we'll now accept from anyone who wishes to submit one, not just review staff!!

The site now offers themes for your viewing pleasure, and there are several to choose from - view Electricsoup your way! There's lots of great new features that the site has as well, including a much more integrated feel, easier navigation, and much much more timely review and submission of articles and information!

So stop by today, and help keep our Mu*Community strong!

-Sally, Editor in Chief -!
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