cleverly disguised as a responsible adult (electricsoup) wrote in esmunews,
cleverly disguised as a responsible adult

Almost ready for the big move!

The new page is up and running, configured and almost ready to go! By switching to a new hosting company, it gives Electricsoup more room to grow, in terms of features and functionaly, and saves over $120/year - most of our 'ad space' is done on a trade level - very few of our ads are purchased ones (but that doesn't mean you can't!) :) Ads is one of the things that we'll have to figure out how to do anew on the new site, so if you've got opinions on that, feel free to start letting us know now!

If you're interested in becoming an early adopter while we work on setting the last of the site up (transitioning the old forums as an archive), let me know by messaging me on the site, leaving a comment to this post, or emailing me at sally at!

Happy Mu*ing!
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